How to set up a DLNA server on a Raspberry Pi

These instructions assume that you already have an external drive mounted on your Raspberry Pi and that it is accessible from the directory /media/USB_Drive. A tutorial describing how to mount an external drive on a Raspberry Pi is available here

Update your repository

cd ~
sudo apt-get update

Install miniDLNA

sudo apt-get install minidlna

Edit the miniDLNA config file

sudo nano /etc/minidlna.conf

Edit the media directory to point to your media files

media_dir = /media/USB_Drive/MediaServer

Remove the hash sign and give your server a friendly name

friendly_name = RaspberryPi

Remove the hash sign so that inotify is set to yes. MiniDLNA will now automatically index new media files as they are added to your media directory


Save changes and exit the config file

press control x
press y
press return

restart the miniDLNA service

sudo service minidlna restart
sudo service minidlna force-reload

Your media files should now be available to any DLNA client on your network